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As leaders in security services Superior Security Protection UK provide a range of security functions to support UK businesses. If you plan on providing a physical security presence to protect your business and its assets, MK Superior Security Protection UK can satisfy your security needs. We built our reputation on being the best in the industry, a contractor our clients can depend on. MK Superior Security Protection UK deliver a complete security service, consulting closely with clients to design services that work for them. We have over a decade of experience in the security sector bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that not all security companies are able to offer. Superior Security Protection UK  & Facilities Management operate to industry standards BS 7858, BS 7499, BS 7960 and BS 7406. We work with private, commercial and government clients to provide a complete service you can depend on. All our security staff are highly trained so you get a reliable, professional service every time.

With years of experience in both the private and public sectors, our Professional Security can tailor its many security solutions to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Whether you operate from a single location or run a nationwide network of outlets, we can help. When you need security day in, day out, or if you experience seasonal peaks, our National Security network provides scalable security solutions that grow with you in the short term and the long term.

Superior Security provide a comprehensive range of security services, including Security Guarding,  Door Supervision, Patrol & Response, Event  Security, Transport Security, Risk Audit Services and Security Technology Solutions. We are security professionals who work in partnership to keep business safe. This means providing our customers with peace of mind by using high quality security solutions. This approach and focus is underpinned by  our core values, which are at the heart of our  business and are reflected at all times in  our activities:

•Experts in security

•Passionate about our customers

•Driving performance

As responsible security providers we successfully prepared for the introduction of Security  Industry Authority (SIA) Licensing in England  and Wales during 2006 and we have ensured  that our customers and our business are not  exposed to unnecessary risk through unlicensed  personnel. This is maintained through rigorous quality systems and awards. Thank you for giving our Security Company the opportunity to discuss security options with you. As security experts we will always work with you to keep  your business and property safe.

• Our People

 The key to the quality of our service is  having good people and ensuring that we  offer an attractive and progressive working  environment. Our investment in security  officers is therefore an investment in our  service delivery. This ensures that you  receive the benefit of security officers who  are recruited on industry leading terms  and conditions, screened and licensed in  accordance with industry standards and trained for the specific duties they will  undertake. Genuine career opportunities  are available to enable security officers  to reach their full potential. Weare justifiably proud of the care, recruitment, training and investment in our people and ensuring that we  offer an attractive and progressive working  environment. Our investment in security  officers is therefore an investment in our  service delivery. This ensures that you  receive the benefit of security officers who  are recruited on industry leading terms  and conditions, screened and licensed in  accordance with industry standards and trained for the specific duties they will  undertake. Genuine career opportunities  are available to enable security officers  to reach their full potential. We are justifiably proud of the care, recruitment, training and investment in our people and  this enables us to supply motivated security  officers who are passionate about customers  and focused on delivering the expected service. To deliver our service we employ the security industry’s best people who use innovative  systems that are focused on driving performance.

• Service Delivery

Our organisational structure is designed to  ensure clear responsibility and accountability to the customer. Executive ownership of your  contract rests with a Director and your  account manager is empowered to deliver  the service with authority. The Account manager  is involved with all stages of the contract –  from solution design, contract award and  implementation. At the start of the contract they will have full operational accountability. Your account manager will co-ordinate service delivery into a single point of contact with  a named manager taking local ownership  of the daily service issues and delivering  solutions that are tailored to your site  specific requirements. Customer service is a key focus for our business. We focus on flexibility, quick reactions and operational effectiveness when supplying security services.

• Performance Delivery

Our service delivery ethos is focused on the  key aspects that result in excellent customer  service and these are then measured using  Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We will demonstrate common KPI’s that reflect our  Service Level Agreement with you. These will  be focused on areas such as protecting your  business, managing the contract and innovation.

• Contract Implementation

Effective change management is a fundamental part of our service delivery and as  part of our service solution we will provide  and execute a proven contract Implementation  Plan. The plan normally covers a four to  five week period and will detail key elements of the contract implementation process with  named individuals from both of our organisations being accountable for the successful  completion of each stage.  The retention of key people who have site specific knowledge and skills is often a  concern for our customers. Therefore, a key feature of the successful execution  of previous Implementation Plans has been the timely and effective communication to security officers of the TUPE implications.  This has allowed us to demonstrate our considerable expertise in effective TUPE transfers, therefore reducing the fear of  change and providing the platform to  retain skills and re-motivate transferring  security officers.

• Inconclusion

We are confident that any proposal submitted by Superior Security will demonstrate that we are  established experts in security who deliver peace of mind and assurance that we are  a safe choice as your security partner. People are the key component of our service delivery and we are justifiably proud of the tangible investment in the care, training  and development of our security officers.  This means that competent and motivated  people who are passionate about customers  deliver our service.  Our proven method of operation will provide executive ownership, that cascades authority  to enable managers to deliver services  locally.This will ensure that your specific  service requirements are clearly understood  and our service meets your needs and  grows with you as your business changes. Throughout the contract we will commit to  driving performance by improving processes,  adding value and providing innovation in  relation to people and technology. We are confident that our proposals will  enable you to protect profits and concentrate on your core business, moreover, we  trust that this proposal demonstrates our  strong desire to work closely with you in the  spirit of true partnership. We therefore look forward to a mutually advantageous relationship between our two organisations should we be successful in being selected as your supplier of security services.

• Employee Provision

The reputation of Superior Security as a quality supplier of security services directly results from the performance of our employees. We continually strive to ensure we are considered to be one  of the employers of choice within the UK security industry and to attract and retain the best people. Our core business values focus clearly on customers. Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure integrity throughout our operations and by employing and developing  the best people in the industry, we can  use our security expertise and  passion to drive performance and thus work closer in partnership with you to keep your business safe. Our effective systems and processes ensure  that all our employees remain close to their customers, can make quick and sound decisions and are fully accountable for their actions.
Superior Security Protection UK Ltd is committed to the highest possible standards of recruitment and screening to  ensure that our Security officers are of the  right calibre, attitude and aptitude to meet  your requirements. We ensure right from  the first contact that there is professional  support, guiding people through the recruitment  process into the working environment.

• Our Recruitment Procedure

Identifying and understanding your needs
Apersonnel profile will be prepared to identify Security officers who will reflect the image and environment of the customer.
Attracting suitable applicants
Superior Security is an equal opportunities employer and applies employment policies and practices which ensure all employees and potential employees are afforded equal opportunity for recruitment, training and promotion, and are treated fairly and consistently. Recruitment advertising is designed to reflect and promote our core values, and Attracting suitable applicants (cont.)
we have been successful in using a range of innovative methods to attract people from non-traditional pools into the business. Security officers are recruited on personal qualities as well as on academic achievements -the potential to develop a strong sense of personal responsibility, being a team player and exercising initiative whilst obeying authority, are all seen as key attributes.
Initial telephone application
To screen out clearly unsuitable candidates at this stage, a brief telephone interview is carried out. Applicants are then sent a detailed Application Form and more detailed information about the nature of the work and the terms and conditions of employment.
Customer Selection Criteria
Candidates are measured against the particular needs of the customer. If required, we can also assess candidates against additional criteria such as numeracy, literacy, reasoning, supervisory potential, attitudes towards authority and honesty by using computerised bio data and psychometric testing.
Formal interview The next stage is a structured interview during which candidates will be further required to prove their suitability for the role.

Successful candidates are then subject to  our security screening process.

• Sreening Process

Superior Security are committed to ensuring that all employees are of high integrity, reliable,  reputable and capable of carrying out their  duties effectively. We are members of the  BSI and work within ISO 9001 :2008 and  we screen to the British Security Screening  Standard (BS7858). The Rehabilitation of  Offenders Act 1974 is included in this code  of practice. Although all Superior Security guards are  licensed by the Security Industry Authority,  the SIA checks only cover criminal records  and identity checks. We will therefore continue  to screen to the above Standard. We ensure that each applicant is thoroughly security checked once a provisional selection  has been made. The screening process  establishes in writing, the whereabouts of  an employee on a month-by-month basis,  throughout the previous 10 years or back  to the date of ceasing full time secondary  education, if that date is more recent. There  are two stages involved in the process. Stage 1: The Initial Screen A 5-year telephone screen is used to screen applicants before they commence employment. This checks a candidate’s employment  record, coupled with references obtained  from personal referees. Offer subject to full screen Having reached this stage and passed all  of the criteria, suitable candidates receive an offer of employment  subject to the satisfactory completion of the  full screening process. Stage 2: Full Screen Whilst the candidate is attending on-site  training, the full employment screen is carried  out. This process requires written evidence  of a candidate’s activities and whereabouts  over the last 10 years. This full 10-year  screen will be completed within 16 weeks  from the date of joining. Medical During training a general health check is carried out to ensure an acceptable level of health. Screening
“A5-year telephone screen is used to screen  applicants before they commence employment.”

• Training & Development

Investment in the training and development  of our people improves our company’s performance  and provides customers with the  best people for the job. Our trainers have a diverse range of experience and are all  externally and industry accredited, and only  the best external providers are selected to support our training operations. Our training strategy is to:

Provide training and  development programmes, which reflect the unique  requirements of the  security industry.

• Meet the varying training needs of customers and sites.

• Offer bespoke training and  development packages for  major customers.

• Support security officers’ongoing development.

• Design and deliver cost  effective training and development interventions.

We are committed to providing structured  ongoing development for all Security officers so they become highly skilled with knowledge of the industry and an understanding of  how each customer operates. All learners  are prepared and motivated for success.  Moreover competence development is  supported through measurement and  structured feedback. We provide people  who consistently perform to specified  standards, and are supported by managers  to maintain and improve performance. We  use the latest training methods to enhance  the effectiveness of our Security officers. Induction Training (Stages 1 & 2)  Our induction programme has two key  aims.

• To introduce the new recruit to Superior Security Services.

• To enable the individual to  prove their competence so they  are able to apply for a license  from the Security Industry  Association (SIA) to practice.

This involves successfully passing two  externally accredited examinations,  covering the roles and responsibilities of Superior  Security officers together with communication  and conflict management (complies with BS7499). Initial On-Site Training (Stage 3) The initial on-site training is designed to  ensure Security officers understand the  roles and responsibilities for their allocated contract. Training includes specially  designed programme notes, which  include a clear instruction guide, formal administration and verifiable assessment process. This programme is designed to  equip newly inducted Security officers with a  basic but relevant foundation of knowledge  and skills that can be enhanced with experience and further on-job training. It  also confirms that skills learned in the  classroom have been successfully transferred to the work place.

• Skills  Qualifications

Going forward there will be an SIA approved programme for security officers  to develop there skills, knowledge and  understanding that underpin competent  performance in the work place and develop  employability and life skills to help them progress their careers. Those security officers  that successfully complete this programme  of study will gain a recognised security  qualification to level 2 NVQ, with the  potential of specialist routes moving towards level 3. This will be the security  industry’s preferred qualification. On-going training and career  development Superior Security is committed to ensuring all  employees are given the opportunity to  develop their careers, and regular training  reviews are undertaken to identify development  needs. Werecognise that continuous training  helps motivate and retain people, and this enables us to provide a high and consistent  level of service and maintain our position  as the market leader.ACore Programme of  courses is available in subjects such as:

•Receptionist Skills

•Customer Service

•Manual Handling

•Fire Awareness

•Defence against Terrorism

•Coaching Skills

•Assessor Training

•First Aid at Work  (HSE approved)

•H&S Appointed Person

• Ongoing Development

Superior Security is committed to ensuring that the  health, safety and welfare of its employees  is a key consideration in the way we operate. Before the start of any contract, the  assigned operational manager will carry  out a site survey and Health & Safety risk  assessment to evaluate the environment  that our Security officers work in. This is to  ensure every area of current and potential  risk has been identified and an appropriate  solution put into place. The site survey then  forms the basis of the duties detailed in the Assignment Instructions issued to Security  officers, so you can be assured that every  area will be systematically covered in the  Security officer’s day-to-day responsibilities. In our experience, security services need to  be flexible in design in order that they can  adapt to any change in a customer’s threats or requirements. The site survey  and Health & Safety risk assessment will be  carried out on a regular basis to assess any  change in security risk, or any other change  in security need. Our comprehensive Health & Safety Policy  details the responsibilities of our people and the organisation for implementing and  managing all matters relating to Health &  Safety. A copy is available on request, as  are our Policies on Quality, Environmental  Issues, Business Ethics, Diversity and Equal Opportunities.

• Uniforms

All our security personnel are issued with  smart and distinctive uniforms. Security  officers are generally the first contact  between the customer and members of the  general public, so quality of presentation is  of paramount importance. Where appropriate,  foul weather clothing is provided, as is safety  footwear. Security officers will be properly  dressed in a clean, tidy and pressed uniform  at all times whilst on duty. In addition to the standard uniforms, some  sites require a security presence in the form of Managers, Receptionists, etc. A number of our customer require a less formal uniform  whilst still allowing personnel to be identified  as part of the Security team. We therefore  offer a less formal range to meet with these  demands also.

• Employee Retention

Having invested in effective recruitment and training processes, our focus turns to managing  and motivating employees to achieve  their best possible performance and to stay  with the company.We believe that motivating  employees to give their best performance  results in loyalty to the company – and that  means we can provide our customers with  a stable security team on their premises.

• Service Delivery

The Account Manager will co-ordinate service delivery into a single point of contact with a named Manager taking local ownership of key issues such as:

• Assignment Instructions (AI's):  Documenting site-specific AI’s which detail the duties of security officers and meet an agreed specification.

• Point of contact for all security  officers with responsibility for  the daily management and service delivery of the contract.

• Customer visits: Compiling information relating to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  to measure compliant service  delivery and to focus corrective  action on any areas of concern. 

• Care visits to ensure the  welfare of our security officers. An Administrator and a Scheduler complete the team.

The Scheduler is responsible for scheduling Security officers duties and our investment in this role ensures efficient use  of our security officer resource and full  compliance with Working Time Directive  legislation. Service delivery standards will be reviewed via both formal and informal site visits by a  Director. Our experience in providing this type of focused contract management has enabled us to drive performance and deliver best practice. It also provides our customers with clear accountability and escalation via the regional management structure. Our service provision includes a dedicated  Control Room. This facility confirms security officer attendance at your site, escalates any incidents and manages a variety of  communication and control issues. The Control Room also allows us to effectively manage the Health & Welfare requirements of the guards. Acting as an information hub it provides an easily accessible point of contact facility for our customers and security officers. It is:

• Dedicated to the efficient and  effective monitoring of routine  check calls and incident management.

• Operated by experienced  people 24/7, providing an out-of-hours management resource to ensure that our  customer service runs smoothly  at all times.

• Contract Implementation Period

The Control Room operators are responsible for monitoring all start finish and routine  check calls from the site based Security  officers. At any time during the day or  night, Security officers can call the Control  Room direct for assistance or advice. In the  event of an un-planned absence the Control Room will liaise with the Duty Manager to  ensure a trained replacement security  officer is deployed to acustomer’s site. This is the period when we evaluate your requirements and prepare a jointly agreed  plan for your future security requirements and ensure a smooth hand-over from your existing arrangements.

The contract implementation period provides the opportunity for us to understand the  detail of your requirements and to establish the important relationships that will ensure  a successful service partnership. Effective  change management is a fundamental part of our service and we will provide and execute a proven contract Implementation Plan. The Plan will detail key elements of the contract implementation process with named individuals being accountable for the successful completion of each stage. It is normally spread over four to five weeks to allow the appropriate due care and  attention for each element. Toensure that the Contract Implementation  Plan prepared for you achieves this objective, we request that any information, access or resource required is provided in a  timely manner.

• Continuous Improvements

Within Superior Security we are constantly driving performance to identify service improvements  and efficiencies, and we have a proven  track record in pioneering innovative working  practices. This ensures the efficient planning,  recruitment and deployment of our resources  as well as a focus on continuous process  improvement. We also pay attention to areas that add  cost to our service delivery, ensuring that we  question costs. This means our customers  receive the maximum value for money from  our service charges.

• Quality Standards

Our commitment to continuous improvement is independently monitored. The audit  procedure is verified by quality standards  BS 7858 - provision of security personnel, BS 7960 - provision of door supervisors, BS 7499. We also receive regular quality compliance  audit visits by the Inspectorate of the  Security Industry (ISI) to ensure that the strict  procedures agreed with the Inspectorate  are being achieved. Impact is committed to raising and maintaining the level of professional standards across the private security industry and to supporting the industry bodies.

• Quality Standards

We are justifiably proud of the tangible  investment in the care, development and  training of our people. This key resource is  combined with our proven competency in  delivering proven security solutions and the  efficient delivery of many hours of security  guarding per year. Superior Security is able to offer a portfolio of services  for a complete managed solution, in  which security guarding and patrol &  response services are the front line. This  approach provides a range of options from  which customers may select the package of  services to meet their needs. Services include: • Contractor Management • First Aid • Fire Response Services



We are committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost-effective services to retail, corporate and healthcare clients, as well as to the public sector Scotland, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perthshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, England, Buckinghamshire Midlands, London, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk. 



we set out to provide employment for



Our security guards match the profile you’re looking for. A friendly smiling face to welcome visitors to your premises, or a more assertive no-nonsense approach to protect plant and machinery in the dead of night.

Screened, vetted, qualified and experienced, there’s lots going on behind the uniform. Our Security Officers can anticipate a problem long before visitors, guests or shoppers suspect a thing. They can diffuse tensions using tact and diplomacy. They respond to difficult situations calmly and quickly.



Welcome to MK Superior Security Protection UK we take great pride in the quality of Door Supervisors we supply to our clients, all of our employees go through a thorough selection process and are screened and vetted to British Standards BS: 7858 to ensure that we are selecting the right candidates to supply to our clients.

We recognise your relationship with your regular trade is integral to your bottom line. As such we place a strong emphasis on the importance of relationship building as part of our development program. In particular we have developed a module on maintaining positive relationships during conflict, to ensure even when things go wrong the customer wants to return.

Your business, staff and premises licence is our main priority. We collect data on incidents, refusals and capacity figures to ensure your licence is protected.

Our Door Supervisors display a smart, professional appearance and a friendly demeanour in order to welcome customer to your venue and encourage passing trade. Door Supervisors are often the first and last point of contact your customers have with your venue and we ensure they receive the right impression


Meeting and greeting customers, or keeping a low-profile (in uniform or plain clothes), we’re on watch. Our Front of House Security can blend seamlessly with your staff or stand out, be it for reassurance or as a deterrent. Whatever the point of entry, our officers are trained to search people, their bags, their rucksacks and hatchbacks. (MK Superior Security Protection UK can provide welcoming and attentive concierge services, too, for hotel and residential situations, at times to suit you. At MK Superior Security Protection UK , Front of House takes many forms, but the primary objective is the same: to keep you safe.


Our multi-skilled Security Officers are adept at multi-tasking. Many have bags of customer-facing experience, often as a result of working in retail and other service industries. Add to those talents specialised security training and your company can benefit in more ways than you might think. As well as taking care of security issues, where circumstances permit and the client requests it, our (MK Superior Security Protection UK ) Guards will:

Keep tabs on the visitors' log

Help visitors with directions

Provide support to reception staff

Handle first aid and other emergencies.



Crime prevention is our priority, but we’re also quick to respond. (MK Superior Security Protection UK ) Mobile Patrols work in a number of ways. Assigned to your premises and their surroundings, rotas will keep regular checks on even the most remote corners where trouble can lurk. We’ll devise random rotas, too, just to keep unwelcome visitors on their toes. The other way our Mobile Patrols operate is to provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to your security needs. On foot, by car, or teamed with dogs, our Security Services can call on your premises day or night. Where hiring your own dedicated team is not an option, our Mobile Patrols provide an affordable alternative.


Relying on staff to keep keys safe or to be on hand at unsociable hours of the night only leads to frustration. In the case of fire or a break-in, the consequences could cost you millions of pounds. With (MK Superior Security Protection UK ) Key Holding Service designed to BS7984 Standards, we can have your doors open in no time, any time. Securely locked away, your keys and alarm codes will be in safe hands. For swift access, with insider knowledge of your premises, we will log all keys in and out, advising the appropriate personnel at all times. All of which means you can get your doors opened when you want to and keep them closed when you need to.


Linked to our Key Holding service, our Alarm Response measures protect you around the clock. As soon as your alarm receiving centre gets the signal, we will be on our way, often reaching your premises before the Police:

We use uniformed Response Officers and liveried vehicles

We carry out checks for intruders, damage and signs of forced entry.

We make your premises safe

We call in your preferred locksmiths or glaziers

We liaise with the Emergency Services.



Our Security Officers are closely supervised and ably supported by their Team Leaders and Managers. Together, they have the kind of local knowledge and on-site training that will keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. They also have the back-up of (MK Superior Security Protection UK) Control Room. Around the clock.

This state-of-the-art nerve centre is at the forefront of CCTV technology, supporting Static Officers and Mobile Patrols in the field, keeping check on Lone Workers in isolated and often demanding workplaces – indoors and out. Ready for the unexpected, they’re also just a phone call away from our most senior managers, ready to handle any crisis



When your doors are manned with (MK Superior Security Protection UK) smart Security Guards, it’s important we project the right image – one that matches your own company’s values. Meeting and greeting staff every morning, and as the first point of contact for visiting executives and VIPs, our flexible security Officers and their teams will take care of offices, commercial properties and council buildings, patrolling the premises, controlling goods in and out, searching individuals and vehicles, monitoring CCTV cameras and more.


Many of (MK Superior Security Protection UK ) Officers have a background working in customer-facing roles. Where we deal with the public at large – busy Mums, Dads and their families – we know how important taking a softly, softly approach can be. Our uniformed Officers are skilled at dealing with large crowds, letting thousands in during the sales or evacuating entire shopping malls in an emergency. We also deploy covert store detectives, oversee control room operations, manage car parks and provide First Aid.



As well as providing Static Guards, we also move with you. Whether transporting freight by road and rail, our security solutions can provide the support and infrastructure you need to trace, track and trail valuable goods. Our security management can analyse your plans, carrying out a comprehensive safety and security audit. We will put in place plant and personnel to help you monitor your assets every step of the way, using sophisticated electronics. And we can report back to you moment by moment, saving you money in the process.



Agile and attentive, our specially trained Security Guards don’t flinch when it comes to working in hostile environments. Quick to respond – many come from the ranks of the Armed Forces – they will work in tandem with CCTV surveillance cameras to scour every corner of your warehouses and distribution centres:

They will spot weaknesses in your perimeter fences

Challenge suspicious traffic in and out of your gates

Operate remote gate monitoring systems

Our Mobile Managers even take care of your Health & Safety issues



Oil rigs, ferry and freight companies, shipping agencies and port authorities around Britain call on (MK Superior Security Protection UK) to meet their stringent standards. Working with Special Branch and the Border & Immigration Agency within the framework set by the regulatory body (TRANSEC), our drills and skills touch on all aspects of maritime traffic in and out of our shores. X-ray screening, searches, sniffer dogs preventing smuggling.



Permanent or temporary, theme parks and exhibitions call for a special mix of security solutions, from the turnstiles to the souvenir shop. Mitigating the risks while making priceless exhibits accessible to the public calls for a delicate balance. Preventing theft or acts of vandalism often sees (MK Superior Security Protection UK) Guards working in places that were not designed to welcome large numbers of visitors such as stately homes. Indoors and outdoors, time and again, our unobtrusive security professionals prove they are just the ticket.



Uniformed, suited or unseen, our specially trained Close Protection Specialists provide cover at home and on the move. Shadowing a special visitor for a shopping spree or dealing with a press call and the paparazzi, we will plan routes, prepare venues and ensure the day runs smoothly so celebrity feathers do not get ruffled in the slightest. From sports stars and Royalty to senior executives who’d prefer to be rich but not famous, our Security Agents and Professional Drivers keep trouble at bay.



An AGM, a private function at your corporate HQ – there are many events that call for additional security staff because our flexible workforce is ready-vetted and trained, we can respond at short notice, be it for an exclusive launch at London Fashion Week or a rock band playing to a record crowd. (MK Superior Security Protection UK) is adept at working with the Police at all sorts of venues and events, providing:

Manned Guarding services


CCTV cover

Access control

Car park management

Covert surveillance and more



At (MK Superior Security Protection UK), we place particular emphasis on vetting our Security Officers, and on training them for everything a specialised environment can throw at them. With hospitals free to make their own security arrangements and more schools now enjoying the freedom and autonomy to source theirs, too, we can tailor a solution to meet their needs. (MK Superior Security Protection UK) offers outstanding value for money as well as CRB-checked personnel with site-specific security training. 



Thieves and vandals can cause immense delay to construction projects, delays of even a few days or weeks can run to many millions of pounds lost. We offer complete, well-planned and carefully staffed site security solutions that will make sure your site is not only protected against intruders, but the safety of the public is maintained as well.                                  

A typical construction site security package might include:

Site Access Solutions, including Gate House Security

Secured Visitor and Staff Solutions

Perimeter and Interior Guard Patrols

Delivery Security Measures

Vandalism and Theft Prevention Measures

As construction sites prove such a lure to criminals – the value of the tools, materials and equipment stored on-site can easily number in the millions – a dynamic and professional approach to site security is necessary. That is why we maintain our personnel’s training at the cutting edge, and ensure that each is aware of the unique hazards a construction site can present.


HOTEL SECURITY                                                                                                                  

MK Superior Security Protection UK are specialists in providing England and Scotland’s hotel industry with presentable, professional, approachable security personnel. We understand that your hotel security service requirements are unique, so we take the time to understand your security requirements, which enables us to provide the best value and professional hotel security service – the first time and every time. We have a broad spectrum of hotel security clients throughout England & Scotland. Our professional team, with decades of hotel security experience, makes us your first choice as your preferred service provider. It is important for a steward to be versatile and able to adapt to different crowds and events. Their skills are developed through training programmes, enable them to do so and to undertake their role professionally and efficiently.


Much of night porter’s time is spent in providing various guest services. They may greet visitors/guests, check-in new guests and help procure important items like toiletries, food items and personal items.

Night porters have good communication skills and can quickly solve problems. Guest services may include item deliveries into hotel rooms, providing ordered items and using their computer for checking-in guests and to satisfy their requests.

Night porters also ensure the orderliness and cleanliness of the hotel in order to create a good atmosphere for visitors and guests.

Their jobs range from stocking and cleaning the beverage area with coffee, water, fruits and other things to cleaning guest’s washrooms and tidying the front desk.

Night porters are not required to do heavy cleaning using chemicals as large hotels also employ janitors that are tasked in heavy cleaning. However, light cleaning may also be a part of night porter’s job.

The night porters can also perform security duties or work with hotel’s security team and ensure the building’s safety and security.

Night porters must know and identify suspicious looking people or events and be able to perform some treatment or intervention for sick and drunk patrons that are passing in the hotel lobby. They must also notify other hotel employees regarding suspicious incidents and security breaches.


we believe in going that extra mile for our clients. From the initial get go, one of our cleaning specialists will consult the client to obtain their specific requirements before deploying a cleaning team to execute the job.

Ours services include…

Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning

Close Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Bar & Nightclub Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Site Cleaning

Event Cleaning

From your home and office clean to clearing up after festivals. At Superior Security Protection UK we treat each client as unique as the next, no job is to big and none to small. Whatever you need we are on hand to assist.




PHONE: 07957 658958

Email: abssia_smith@aol.com

We are open 24/7

Office hours 9:00 to 20:00

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